Manufacturer of fast food staples from Indonesian cuisine


Since 2019, we have been producing processed food products originating from Indonesia, with quality flavors that can be tailored to world-class standards, focusing on staple food side dishes. We strive to expand our customer base by conducting exports to several countries around the world.

Attin Food offers a variety of the best staple food side dishes with diverse flavors and environments that meet the needs and tastes of customers, having proven the high number of repeat orders from consumers.


Welcome to ATTIN FOOD

We are a Producer of Processed Foods with Indonesian Spices, Supplier of Staple Food Side Dishes, and some have been exported abroad from our location in Pati - Indonesia.

Attin Food is your ultimate destination for Indonesian side dishes with quality spices! From delicious processed fish, famous Indonesian spices since the Middle Ages, sambal that enhances your appetite to everyday snack treats, we offer special cuts that enhance the flavor of your life. With our people's production and meticulous attention to detail, we create dining companions that soak up special flavors in fulfilling enjoyment and nutrition. Plus, we offer customization options to make your processed food truly fit your taste and environment.

Our Processed Spice Food Categories

Ready-to-Cook Processed Fish
Ready-to-Cook Packaged Seasonings
Ready-to-Eat Packaged Sambal
Ready-to-Eat Snacks

Fried Meatball Snack with Flavor Variants
Our selection of high-protein snacks made from chicken and fish comes in various flavors, crafted from high-quality ingredients to delight the taste buds of its connoisseurs in daily servings.


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In our processed food production process, raw materials and recipes play a crucial role in enhancing flavor and enjoyment. The freshness of the ingredients, spices, and the best recipes not only assist our production flow but also ensure consistent quality and taste enjoyment in every piece of our product. The use of select ingredients in our special recipes for processed food production allows us to produce extraordinarily delicious flavors that satisfy the palate demands in daily staple foods.

If needed,
our team can train in the cooking process both online and offline with prior communication, in order to learn together and achieve authentic Indonesian flavors.